Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week and Easter 2021

Currently our churches remain closed, due to the COVid Pandemic, until the lockdown has finished.  When we return to the tier system a decision will be made whether or not the buildings reopen.

We are waiting to see the situation with the lockdown before final prepartions are made for Holy Week and Easter.

If the churches reopen the services will be as follows:

St John the Baptist

 Maundy Thursday  7.30 pm Eucharist (no foot washing)
 Good Friday  12 - 3 pm Vigil
Easter Sunday  10 am Easter Eucharist

St David

Maundy Thursday  7.30 pm Eucharist (no foot washing)
 Easter Sunday  10 am Easter Eucharist

St Mark

 Easter Sunday  10 am Easter Eucharist

A variation of services for Easter will be put on Zoom and YouTube.   Please see our On Line Services page for more details.

For more information on our Holy Week and Easter services, please contact one of the clergy.

For details of how to find our churches, please follow this LINK.


For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son,
so that everyone who believes in him may not perish
but may have eternal life.  (John 3:16, NRSV)