On line services

St David, St John the Baptist and St Mark's churches are currently closed due to new COVid restrictions.  All services will be on-line.

We can now offer an alternative to the YouTube service on Sunday mornings and that is  via Zoom. For those who come to Compline or have seen Compline on YouTube, it will work in a similar way. Words will be on the screen etc. and we will have times when we can share the peace together. The chat facility will be available for sharing prayers. 

The service will be similar to the YouTube service in that we will use the same liturgy, songs, sermon, readings etc but the difference is we will be able worship together if that is something you would like to do. We will start at 10 am and the Zoom link will be open from 9:45. Everyone will be muted on arrival. You are welcome to unmute yourself to say hello on arrival but I will mute everyone at 9:55 and if you could keep your microphones muted throughout the service it will stop the service breaking up. Zoom only recognises one microphone and coughing, sneezing, dogs barking, rustling of papers etc will cause an interruption to the service because Zoom will play that and not the service. (Hope that makes sense - anyway, all you need to know is to keep your microphone muted unless I say otherwise!!)

If you need the Zoom link please contact Revd Denise.  Contact details can be found on the Who's Who page of our website.

There will still be a YouTube service online. The Zoom service will use the same songs, readings and sermon as the YouTube Service. Zoom is another option for people who might want to worship alongside others rather than take part on their own.


You can access the YouTube service for Sunday 24th January, on our YouTube channel HERE


Your can find  booklets for all our services on our Worship at Home page.

You can access any of our previous services on our YouTube channel here.

You can access our YouTube service of Compline - Night Prayer here

Online Giving

Normally people would have the opportunity to give to our weekly collections in person when attending our services.  If you would still like to give something towards the mission of our church as well as the ongoing upkeep of our buildings, please click on the link for one of our churches below:

St John the Baptist

St David

St Mark

St David's Food Bank