Pause Work 4 Lunch

Pause Work 4 Lunch is an initiative of the Church of England's Kingsthorpe Team Ministry as it seeks to build Christian community in Kingsthorpe.

Pause Work 4 Lunch provides an opportunity for local people who work from home, to get to know other home-workers in Kingsthorpe over a quick simple lunch and a three minute thought for the day.

The menu for the next event is posted one week in advance on Facebook and website.  Please raise any food allergies you have when you book in.

 1.10 - 1.50 pm at St Mark's Church Hall, St Mark's Crescent, Whitehills NN2 8EG, on  Thursdays 6th, 20th January and 3rd February

To see our current poster please use this LINK

You can either book in for lunch at £4.50 per head or just bring your own lunch on the day and come fore free.

To book or for more information contact Revd Jonathan Lee     email:,  phone: 07824 887501 or Facebook page PauseWork4.