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NEWS:  This is to let you know, if you haven't heard already, that we will be having two new curates at Petertide 2021.  they are husband and wife Jonathan and Sarah lee.  At present they are at Trinity College Bristol finishing their courses.  Before going to college Jonathan worked in London for 25 years and Sarah worked as a teacher and brought up their 3 children.  Their sending church is Oundle in this Diocese.

They will be lviing in Fallow Walk when Revd Denise leaves us.  if ther is a cross over time, a diferent house will be found for them in the short term  Revd Denise is not being pushed out in any way as she can be with us until she has found a job of responsibility.

I do hope that you will welcome Jonathan and Sarah and work with them as you have all the other curates that we have had in the last nine years.

Canon Jane

Advent 2020