I was glad when they said to me,
'Let us go to the house of the Lord!'
Psalm 122:1 (NRSV)

All three churches are now open                                                     

CORONAVIRUS - The Kingsthorpe Team Ministry is currently following the Church of England guidelines with respect to the present situation and will implement any changes necessary.  The measures are designed to minimise the transmission of the condition.  


The PCC Standing Committee has met to discuss how we should respond to the latest changes in guidance to protect our congregations from COVid.

We considered the Church of England’s Covid recovery group advice on the matter and the views of people from across our churches.

It’s important that we act cautiously and responsibly, so we have made the following decisions regarding our church buildings and services - which we will review again in September.  These are effective immediately:

-   We will maintain the hygiene arrangements in place, including the provision of hand sanitiser and regular cleaning

-   We will continue to maintain contact tracing records, or encourage the use of the NHS COVID-19 App, when visiting our church buildings

-   We will maintain social distancing in our church buildings and continue to ask our congregations not to gather inside before or after  our services

-   We will maintain enhanced ventilation in our buildings as far as possible, acknowledging that our ability to do this in all our buildings is restricted

-   We will ask everyone attending our churches to continue to wear face masks unless they are medically exempt. At St David’s and St Mark’s churches where ventilation has been increased, people can remove their face coverings when seated during the service if they wish

-   We will carefully reintroduce communal singing to our services, but ask that people keep their face masks on whilst singing for the protection of others

-    We will continue to administer communion in one kind only

At St John the Baptist church, the choir will continue to lead our singing with a reduced number of six choristers.  We are hoping to arrange an outdoor service with the full choir and congregational singing during the summer.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise in our community and we hope that you will understand that we have made these decisions in order to protect everyone, but especially the most vulnerable in our congregations.

Please do not visit our church buildings if you have any symptoms associated with coronavirus, have been in contact with someone who you think has coronavirus, or have been asked to self-isolate.


Here in the Kingsthorpe team, we like to worship God in a eucharistic setting using the beautiful words of the Church of England's Common Worhip liturgy.  Each of our three churches worship in their own style using these contemporary and yet timeless words.

If you prefer to worship in a more relaxed and informal setting, or are just setting out on your faith journey, you may also like to try our Café Church at St. Mark or Exalt! at St. John the Baptist.

We invite you to come and join us.

Sunday Services

​St. David church - NN2 7QB

1st Sunday 10am - Sung Eucharist
2nd Sunday 10am - Sung Eucharist
3rd Sunday 10am - Sung Eucharist
4th Sunday 10am - Sung Eucharist
5th Sunday 10am - Sung Eucharist

St. John the Baptist church - NN2 6QD

1st Sunday   10am - Family Eucharist
2nd Sunday   10am - Sung Eucharist
3rd Sunday   10am - Family Eucharist
4th Sunday   10am - Sung Eucharist
5th Sunday   10am - Sung Eucharist

St. Mark church - NN2 8EG

1st Sunday 10am - Holy Communion 
2nd Sunday 10 am - Holy Communion
3rd Sunday 10am - Holy Communion
4th Sunday 10am - Holy Communion
5th Sunday 10am - Holy Communion

Sometimes we have a Joint Service when all three congregations join together.  To find out where our upcoming joint services will be held, please go to our Calendar.

Weekday Services

1st Thursday    
2nd Wednesday    

If you have any questions about our services or would like to find out more about the Christian faith, please contact one of the clergy team.